Thanks for everyone’s support on the sauces! As this was a special run, I hope everyone enjoyed the ride as we are sold out.

Looking for my book or that wine that you have heard so much about. Even some truly unique music memorabilia. Please, check out my website.

Hay, why not check out my website!



3 thoughts on “WWW.BOBBYBLOTZER.COM Bobby Blotzer

  1. yo dude you are so rich come far for those drum practices I rock and well I married a drummer who is a metal maniac true. Ozzy is our #1 but I got RATT in the day. In a wheelchair now but watch for ya always on the tube. Great stuff. Gotta get the book big time! RATT is back yea!!!!!!! peace out bro.Faith Dixon Evans!!!!!!!!! East PGH!!!!!

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